Andhra Pradesh Lawn Tennis Association is the sole controlling governing body of tennis within Andhra Pradesh. We promote, develop, control and propagate. To ensure proper conduct of the game of the tennis in the State of Andhra Pradesh and facilitate participation in tennis at all levels and also conduct State Level, National and International tournaments.


To have the game of tennis clearly establish itself as the most popular sport and recreational activity in Andhra Pradesh and to ensure Andhra Pradesh has a pre-eminent position in world tennis.


To grow, manage, promote and showcase the sport of tennis throughout Andhra Pradesh, recognizing the health, social, economic and entertainment benefits of sport, and tennis in particular, for people of both sexes, all ages and abilities.


After Independence when Tamilnadu was made it gave birth to Andhra and Rayalaseema and jointly Andhra Tennis Association was formed. Hyderabad was under Nizam State and was under Hyderabad Lawn Tennis Association. All India Tennis Association (AITA) as a rule of one association per State directed the HLTA and ALTA to merge and form one association. This gave birth to Andhra Pradesh Lawn Tennis Association (APLTA) at a joint GBM in 1956 at Nizam Club where elections were held and the 1st President was then Finance Minister Shri Brahmananda Reddy and Secretary was Raja Ramachandra Reddy. After serving the association for 2 years as Secretary Shri. Raja Narasimha Rao took over as Secretary and remained from 1958 till 2006.

The Presidents during his tenure were S.M. Hadi, Former Chief Minister Shri. M Chenna Reddy, Former Minister Shri. Pidathala Ranga Reddy, Former Deputy CM C. Jaggannath Rao, Former Speaker G Narayan Rao, Former DGP M Bhaskar Rao, Doctor G V Krishna Reddy.


Like in International tennis there are 3 musketeers we have 3 in APLTA 1. Raja Narsimha Rao 2. Nawab Farkunda Ali Khan and 3. Mr. S.P Misra.

Raja Narsimha Rao served as Secreatry of APLTA for 46 years and gave his life for Tennis.

Nawab Farkunda Ali Khan is the 1st certified Coach from the 1st batch at NIS Patiala and was the Director-Chief Coach at Lady Hydri Tennis Club. This was the only Tennis coaching centre in A.P and all the Top Tennis players who have brought laurels to AP before 1980 have played under him.

Mr.S P Misra was the only Davis Cup player for a long time and has a record of winning all the matches when he was nominated to play for INDIA. He is still the Vice President of APLTA and is also Non Playing Captain of the Davis Cup Team.


L B Stadium is the home of Tennis Andhra Pradesh. This state-of-the art venue situated at centre of the Hyderabad City has 7 outdoor hard courts. Court hire is open to the public seven days a week. For more information visit SAAP Office.